Making an Application

Researchers requesting access to use the CRF are advised to contact us early in the process of setting up a trial so that we can advise on the requirements and feasibility of the study.

Please complete our one page application form and a member of the CRF team will contact you. Investigators making grant applications are encouraged to come early to the CRF for help preparing clinical research cost estimates for funding applications such as the HRB Health Research Awards.

Before a study can proceed in the CRF, investigators must provide the following documentation:

  • Study protocol.
  • Informed consent form and patient information leaflet.
  • Research Ethics Committee application and approvals.
  • Health Products Regulatory Authority (HPRA) approval (if the research is a clinical trial).
  • CVs, current medical registration, GCP certificate and Basic Life Support certificate for medical and nursing staff.
  • St. James’s Hospital Research & Innovation Application / Registration Form.

Applications to the CRF can be made in tandem with ethics and HPRA applications. In such cases, a copy of the ethics and HPRA approval letter must be submitted to the Operational Management Team before a project can commence.

Please submit completed applications and supporting information to: 

Derval Reidy –  Assistant Director of Nursing, Wellcome HRB Clinical Research Facility