Resources and Links

Campus Resources
St James’s Hospital Website
Centre for Advanced Medical Imaging, St James’ Hospital Dublin Website
Cancer Clinical Trials | St James’s HospitalWebsite
Mercer’s Institute for Successful Ageing (MISA) (Institiúid Mercer um Aosú Bisiúil) – St. James’s Hospital – Ospidéal San SéamasWebsite
St James’s Research and Innovation Office – About Us | St James’s Hospital Website
Clinical Research Facilities/Centres in Ireland
Health Research Board Clinical Research Facility, Galway (HRB CRFG)Website
UCD Clinical Research Centre (CRC)Website
HRB Clinical Research Facility CorkWebsite
Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland Clinical Research Centre at Beaumont HospitalWebsite
Clinical Research Networks
HRB Clinical Research co-ordination Ireland (HRB CRCI) Website
Health Research Board Trials Methodology Research Network (TMRN) Website
Disease Networks
HRB Critical Care Clinical Trials Network Ireland (HRB Critical Care CTNI) Website
HRB Mother & Baby Clinical Trials Network Ireland (HRB Mother & Baby CTNI)Website
HRB Primary Care Clinical Trial Network Ireland (HRB Primary Care CTNI) Website
HRB Stroke Clinical Trial Network Ireland (HRB Stroke CTNI) Website
Regulatory Resources
Ethics committee TUH/SJH ethics committee – Research Ethics Committee – Tallaght Hospital Website
HPRA- The Health Products Regulatory Authority Website
St James’s hospital R&I Website
Patient Networks
Company Website
IPPOSI Website 
Wellcome Website  
Trinity College Dublin Website 
St James’s HospitalWebsite