Edel O’Dea
Chief 2 Pharmacist

Department: Operational Management Team

Edel O’ Dea is the Chief II Pharmacist in the CRF since joining the team in early 2021. Edel has several years experience working in a hospital cleanroom and managing the pharmaceutical aspects of clinical trials including investigator-led and Phase-1 trials. Edel has worked as a hospital pharmacist since 2007 gaining experience in a wide range of clinical areas. In 2011 Edel specialised in the role of Haematology and Oncology Pharmacist. During her nine years in Haematology and Oncology she gained experience in aseptic services, pharmaceutical care of cancer patients and clinical trials. Edel was on the working group that prepared the hospital for the implementation of the National Cancer Information System (NCIS).

Edel is a member of the Pharmaceutical Society of Ireland and holds a first class honours B.Sc. Pharm degree from Trinity College Dublin and a Clinical Pharmacy M.Sc from University College Cork.