Study Feasibility Program

The Wellcome HRB CRF is based in St James’s hospital - the largest hospital in the State. This hospital caters for many different disease specialities and our feasibility program will select the correct Investigator for your study.

As part of the feasibility program, the CRF will complete the necessary paperwork on behalf of the investigator,  look at potential to recruit patients, arrange and conduct feasibility meetings and study timelines.

We receive feasibility requests through the following:

  • HRB NCTO Feasibility service
  • From a clinician who has been directly contacted by Pharma
  • Directly from a CRO/Pharma company
  • From a national or international thematic research network

We have a dedicated feasibility coordinator who navigates local systems and engages with potential investigators, leading to efficient and timely decisions regarding the feasibility of all CRF related studies.

We are part of the HRB NCTO National Study Feasibility Programme which connects academic and industry sponsors with potential investigators. HRB NCTO act as the channel through which study feasibility assessments can be distributed and completed efficiently. We have dedicated personnel here on site to deal with these queries.