Study Support Services

The Wellcome HRB CRF provides a bespoke service to Investigators to ensure their studies are conducted to the highest level ensuring patient safety and data integrity.

The Wellcome HRB-Clinical Research Facility literally provides a one stop shop for all your research needs. Below is a list of the services we provide – you can opt for full project management or just select the services you require:

Project Management and Coordination

We can provide complete project management for your study everything from study feasibility, contract negotiation to providing key staff to ensure your clinical trial is delivered on time and on budget meeting whilst adhering to all the regulatory requirements.

Physical Infrastructure

We can provide protected physical space in which you can do your research. Once your study is registered and approved with us you can book our clinic rooms as required.

Research Nursing Support

We provide dedicated highly skilled research nurses to work with you on your study to deliver on patient selection, patient recruitment, patient follow-up and education, protocol related activities and follow up study visits.

Laboratory Support Services

Our onsite staffed laboratory will be able to process study biospecimens in accordance to protocol and regulatory requirements. We also have -20C and -80C Freezers for short term storage.

Data Management

Our data management team can assist with data entry onto electronic case report forms.

Pharmacy Support

For IMP trials we have an onsite pharmacy which can manage all aspects pertaining to drug storage, accountability and dispensings.

Monitoring Support

We can provide monitoring services such as site initiation, ongoing clinical activity monitoring, drug accountability and site close out for Health Products Regulatory Authority (HPRA) regulated and non-regulated trials.

Inspection support

In the event of a HPRA inspection we will guide investigators through the preparation process. provide a venue to conduct the study and follow up in relations to CAPAs

Budget negotiation and contracts

We can provide full study costings which are a necessary component of grant applications.

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