Our Funders

The key functions of the CRF’s Scientific Advisory Committee are:

  1. Advising on the overall remit and scientific direction of the facility.
  2. Reviewing and advising on the scientific merit of applications that have not been through a recognised peer review.
  3. Advocating for the CRF in attracting high quality clinical research studies.

The current membership of the Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) is:

Professor Dermot Kenny,RCSI
An Independent Chair

The Directors of the major thematic areas:

Ageing – Professor Rose-Anne Kenny
Cardiology – Dr. Ross Murphy
Neuroscience – Dr. Colin Doherty
Oncology – Dr. Derbhaile O’Donnell
Rheumatology – Dr. Gaye Cunnane
Statistics – Dr. Eleisa Heron
Translational Scientist – Professor Kingston Mills
Pharmacy – Vacancy
School of Nursing – Professor Agnes Higgins